• Wài Qì Liáo Fǎ 外 气 疗 法
  • Wài 外 External
  • Qì 气 Gas/Energy
  • Liáo 疗 Treatment
  • Fǎ 法 Method

External Qi therapy is an emission of ” external Qi” that the therapist collected during years of hard training.

It is transmitted to the patient in order to replenish his/her energy, unblock stagnant Qi according Chinese medicine beliefs.

Is material substance felt like magnetism,heat,electrical current that start to circulate in the body of the patient treated.

Is Unique! No similar practices because is hard to be constant to achieve the level of be able to emit it.

There are only three lineages that got evidence during the years:

  • Kong Jin Qi Gong
  • Shaolin Neijin Yi zhi Chan
  • Han Yang Ru Yi Gong

Every session is about 30 to 45 minutes and it depends from the condition of illness treated.

Is possible receive this “EXTRA ENERGY” also to feel more energized,relief from stress and anxiety and to boost own essence.

Many emotional reactions can arise during a treatment to free own body of stagnant past emotions.

A sedative effect of calmness will last for days after the session.

Session by session the body start to open its meridians to acquire more Qi from the outside.

For Distant Healing Session:

You can experience as very few masters in China can do, remote healing by video. Duration of the treatment is around 45 min and in this time of pandemic can be used for people far away or that can not reach me in person.

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