For the first time in Europe, Kong Jin Qi Gong Basic+ Intermediate course has been presented for correspondence students. Immunity power will be achieved trough Static exercise especially on the Basic level that you will be able to complete in two months. After we will follow with Luohan Gong set of the 16 Arhats. Every Luohan posture need to be trained for 30 days according time and effort of the student. In this " core" training you will be able to heal your body and develop strong external Qi to release after completing it in 16/24 Months. Diligent students after a short exam will have access to the " 5 Colors Gong" for Advanced training. This type of training will have a different cost and is not included in this tuition. Static Qi Gong will develop Strong External Qi to be released for Clinical practice. You will receive video for every exercise+short videocall to review it together. PDF papers with instructions will be sent for every exercise completion. My best wishes for all future Healers who will complete Correspondence Course as the founder Master Huangren Zhong offered on 90's in China.