My journey began in late 2009 after my dad passed. I started researching and having interests for Shaolin monks power. I discovered were training in martial Qi Gong. After few time i soon understand was not for me training my body for combat skills and i came across a video of an American Qi Gong healer "Russ Anderson" who was moving patients with no touch let vibrating bodies with his hands. I said" I want also do that" ! How could be for my body experiencing that energy intake.. Since then i got by " miracle" guidance and materials of that special training by many masters. Russ master, Mr Robert Wu, has been my coach till now. His abilities in readings and taoist philosophy have been a great support. Chinese videos of Medical doctors using Qi was then the link to my empty Force training in Kong Jin Qi GONG. Ping Magnetiseur was my translator for all Kong Jin material and was one of the first to encourage me into start healings. I got guidance from Gao Faying disciple of Master Huang Ren Zhong who improved with techniques and secrets my practice.During this " hard" training my body changed and all previous emotional and stagnant diseases disappeared with completion. After that i got luck and destiny to meet master Dennis Wang from Singapore who was disciple of Master Shao Xin Xuan. He revolutionized my think and helped me as my father have been done if alive. I took chance to receive Han Yang Ru Yi Gong teachings that till now have improved my skills and abilities. Master Wang help cannot be measured. I will always thanks all of them for their teachings during my journey. Anyway more to come! Hope to help all people in need with this art and spread a new knowledge on human hearts.