Kong Jin Qigong belongs to the category of medical Qigong and self-healing medicine. Through exercise, scholars can cure diseases, strengthen the body without diseases, and live a long life; long-term exercisers can not only produce interferon, improve their own disease resistance and disease prevention capabilities, but also release external air, without injections or medicines, for others Treat diseases and benefit. There is no need to guard or enter into tranquility when exercising Kongjin Qigong. You can watch TV, listen to music, talk and laugh while practicing. Therefore, it is easy to learn, safe and reliable, without deviation, suitable for all ages, and adapts to the rhythm of modern life. The Kongjin Qigong exercise system is scientific and rigorous, divided into three stages: elementary, intermediate, and advanced. It takes about three months to learn the immune function in the primary stage. The immune exercise system was refined by Master Huang Renzhong from the original "Kong Jin Qigong-Elementary Exercise Method", which shortens the gong time and improves the curative effect. After exercise, the practitioners can clear the meridians, reconcile yin and yang, strengthen qi and blood, and improve immunity, so as to achieve the purpose of curing diseases and strengthening the body, health and longevity. It takes about one and a half years to practice the intermediate exercises. The practitioner can increase the permeability of the body, release the external qi, and further improve the physical fitness. It takes about one year to practice advanced exercises. After practice, it can improve the quality of external qi, so that the external qi is concentrated, powerful, long-range, and wide in frequency spectrum, and the scope and curative effect of external qi treatment are improved. Kong Jin Qigong has been tested by scientific instruments, and its external air contains physical effects such as infrared-visible light-ultraviolet and other electromagnetic waves, magnetic lines of force, particle flow, static electricity, biological force and other physical effects, which promote and adjust the cells, tissues and organs of the organism. effect. The external qi released is formed by absorbing natural external qi (material and energy) at any time (to form true qi), so it does not damage itself when it is released.

Kong Jin Qigong

Intermediate Method An overview of Kong Jin Qigong's intermediate method, namely the Buddhist Tiantai Sect Arhat Method, is a superior method adapted from the method of the sixteen Arhats practiced by Teacher Sang Shangshan in Tiantai Mountain, Zhejiang. There are eighteen arhats in society. In fact, there are only 16 real arhats. Intermediate exercises are composed of sixteen Arhat exercises and sixteen sets of finger pulling methods. Intermediate exercises should be carried out on the basis of primary exercises. Especially when practicing the "three-pass air intake" movement, the exercise will have an ideal effect when the hand moves to which position and the position of the breath is felt. Intermediate exercises have a particularly strong requirement for the combination of internal and external circulation of "adduction of external qi and release of internal qi". There should be no intention to guard in the practice, and it must be practiced without intention to guard. Intermediate exercises are based on the eight meridians of the odd meridian. The internal qi is mainly activated by the pulses and circulates around the body. The elementary exercises are designed to lay the foundation for the collaterals. Through the exercises of the elementary exercises, the patency of the fifteen collaterals has been enhanced by ordinary practitioners. This can be verified by the sense of Qi of each individual. In order to make the "inner qi outward release" more powerful, it is necessary to practice the kung fu on the collaterals (the collaterals of the meridians). Since the practice of the collaterals is more difficult, it is necessary to practice the collaterals to make the internal qi The collaterals run more smoothly. Some of the Luohan exercises in the intermediate exercises are exercises that focus on exercising the collaterals. On the basis of the balance of the meridians and collaterals, the internal qi is activated by the collaterals to strengthen the operation of the collaterals and make the inner The air moves in a spiral shape in the body, so that the external air emitted is strong and powerful, just as the bullet shot from a pistol is emitted through the barrel of the barrel, so it can hit far and powerful. Therefore, it is very important to practice the release of external qi, and it will also enhance the curative effect in terms of the therapeutic effect. This is the importance of practicing the Luohan technique. When the external qi is retracted, the qi in the body is filtered and evolved into material energy while forming a spiral movement, and there is no need to control it with thoughts, and its natural laws are formed completely through the practice of exercises, so that it is neither If you hurt yourself, you can use internal qi to treat the patient at any time to achieve a certain therapeutic effect. Another more difficult aspect of Kong Jin Qigong is how to control the release of hot and cold air. This also requires specific exercises to be practiced, that is, the fingering in the Luohan exercises is at work, which is also a part of the intermediate exercises. Each intermediate exercise can be practiced alone, or it can be practiced with other exercises of Kongjin Qigong. This can be determined according to your physique. Don't be too impatient. It's not good to be eager for success. The so-called haste is not enough. The kung fu is really deepened, and the skills are solidly played, and the process of releasing the external qi will not damage your inner vitality. Intermediate exercises are exercised on the basis of primary exercises. Just like building a house, high-rise buildings cannot be built without a solid foundation, and the same goes for practicing Kung Fu. Therefore, in the middle-level exercises, some time should be appropriated to review the primary exercises. If you think that the movements of the elementary exercises have been practiced to a standard level, can be loose and soft, and have a stronger sense of qi, you can stop practicing the elementary exercises and concentrate on the intermediate exercises. When practicing, we must use our brains, study hard, and not sloppy. We must practice it and learn it with perseverance. There is nothing difficult in the world, I am afraid of the people who have the intention. You must not act too hastily, the success will come naturally. Through the practice of intermediate exercises, you can not only prevent and treat your own diseases, but also carry out self-feedback therapy, promote metabolism, prevent premature aging, improve intelligence, and prolong life. What's more important is to practice "internal qi release" to heal others and benefit mankind. This requires profound skills, mastery of the method of releasing internal qi, and a certain amount of medical knowledge in order to achieve the desired results when treating others. It takes 1-2 year to complete the intermediate training that is the foundation of developing external qi power. Contact me if you want learn the set. Only few people can be persistent to achieve success.If your " call" of healer match this informations you can enroll. Universe bless All.